What is Push to talk over Cellular Radio E980?

In recent years, the field of public network communications is undergoing tremendous development and revolution. On the basis of ensuring the safety, reliability, and timeliness of transmission, the requirements for information transmission access and video communication have been increased. And the needs of private network communication users are more diversified and refined. With the wide application of new technologies, push-to-talk (PoC) radios have emerged, and their emergence has helped customers achieve upgrades in communication requirements.

Public network PoC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) radio is a mobile communication system for dispatching and commanding based on the operator’s mobile communication network. Because of its convenient use and no distance limitation, it is very popular among users in all walks of life. Push to Talk over Cellular, sometimes called LTE radio systems have become popular in many industries across the globe. PoC radio mainly faces group users, such as public security, fire protection, hospitals, urban management, government agencies, transportation, airport aviation, large-scale gatherings, and military Application etc.

As a leading enterprise with more than seven years of private network communication experience, eTera applies the stringent standards of 4G LTE PoC radios, and is committed to creating professional, high-quality, and practical public network communication solutions for customers. To better meet the diverse needs of customers, we have a wide range of products and will ensure that you get the 4G LTE Smart Phone with PTT you need to improve efficiency, eliminate distractions, and keep your workers safe and connected.

As an important member of eTera family, eTera 4G LTE PoC E980 is designed to combine PTT (push-to-talk) together with national cellular network operation. With the quad core processor MT6739 and Android 7.0, it provides you the best of both speed and efficiency. It supports VoLTE and NFC functions. Front and back HD cameras and 2.8-inch touch screen ensure more possibility of image and video services. eTera E980 can provide professional communication services based on the public network for urban management, airports, railways, property management, logistics, large-scale industrial parks and other industries.