NFC is a short-range wireless technology that allows the exchange of data between devices. With NFC function of eTera E880/E980 together with NFC APP, you could realize the cashless payment, grant or deny access as needed, log time and attendance for secure areas, set limits for access times. We also make it easier than ever for our clients to track the frequency of our patrols through NFC application. Security patrol tracking has never been so easy and efficient.


In celebration of World Environment Day 2020, eTera encourages everyone to come together to support environmental initiatives even in the smallest ways possible.

eTera E980 VoLTE

eTera 4G smart phone E980 delivers clearer and faster communication with VoLTE.Using VoLTE, we get much better HD audio and video calls, faster call set-up times, as well as simultaneous voice and data transfer during a call. VoLTE provides inspire voice experience.

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas, eTera wish Happiness and your dependence, happiness and your company!
May the candlelight of Christmas Eve open your heart and make your New Year bright and glorious.

eTera E880, new released, 4G Rugged phone. IP68 level, 4600mAh battery, M6 professional connector.NFC function.CE,FCC,IC is want one to test? stock is ready. for more info. pls check our website:

After 5 years of developing and growing of the company,we are most grateful for the partners’trust. eTera E980 and E880 , With the exceptional performance and easy navigation system, this device is one to look out for.for more info.pls check

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It will be never late to launch a new smartphone with IP68 Level,NFC function and big 4600mAh battery. Check our eTera E980 and E880.